Our scalable platform unifies data for startups and agencies of all sorts. Whether your team is remote, hybrid, or in-office; or you’re hosting projects internally or directly with clients, Oversight helps leaders manage the metrics of their team, clients, and company growth.

Use Cases

A data platform for remote teams

Oversight enables agencies to scale effectively, and helps managers to keep a closer eye on the data that matters most. With an intuitive interface, customizable notifications, and AI-enabled forecasting, Oversight offers a variety of ways to benefit your organization.

  1. Agile Project Management

    Empower your agile process with automated reports, sprint-based tracking, and pro-active notifications.

  2. Agency Project Management

    Don’t work in sprints? We have you covered. Oversight’s customizations allow it to adapt to the way you run your agency, even if it varies project-to-project.

  3. Remote Work

     We know first hand that managing a remote team is hard! Oversight will save you time, energy, and brainpower by notifying you of project and resource issues before they happen.

  4. Employee Monitoring

    We preach to monitor productivity and output, not screens! Oversight’s resource dashboards, system monitoring, and productivity scores help you keep close tabs on the quality of your team’s performance without spying. 

  5. Workforce Management

    Managing a team that’s balancing multiple projects is difficult, especially when priorities change or work runs over. Our resource planning, dashboards, and reports makes managing projects easy whether it’s remote, hybrid, or on-site!

  6. Project Forecasting

    Our AI-enabled forecasting helps you to stay ahead of project pitfalls before they happen. From resource conflicts to budget overages to ticket progress; Oversight keeps an eye on the things that matter most for project success.

  7. Budget Tracking

    Create, track, and manage budgets more effectively with Oversight’s flexible budgeting tools. Manually add sprint-based values or simply enter the total budget and watch as the system alerts on forecasting and progress.

Automated Data Insights, Straight-forward Pricing, and a Month Free!

So what’s stopping you? Give Oversight a try today and keep a better pulse on the metrics that matter most to you and your company.

This data platform is for managers, directors, and executives looking for the data insights necessary to better manage productive teams.

  • Project Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Director of Operations
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CEO
  • CTO