Get better oversight of your growing agency without changing tools 

Oversight is a new resource management and data unification platform for small and mid-sized agencies. The system provides advanced reporting and dashboards, smart monitoring and notifications, intuitive time tracking, agile resource planning, data-rich project hubs, and AI-enabled insights by connecting and analyzing data from your existing software platforms.

Get better oversight of your growing agency without changing tools

Automated insights

Oversight provides managers with tools for better planning and tracking of their team, project, and company performance.

Unify Business Metrics

Stop bouncing from system to system and access your important metrics all in one place. 

Oversight’s workforce management system unifies, consolidates, and tracks your people, projects, momentum, and finances all in one place. Save time, while still keeping a pulse on the things that matter most.

Monitor Remote Productivity

Oversight makes it easier to monitor remote employee productivity and performance without privacy-breaking tattleware.

Leverage our AI-driven scoring and forecasting, system activity monitoring and notifications, along with automated reports and interactive dashboards to easily monitor resource productivity, team utilization, planning vs execution, and even workplace burnout.

Strengthen Resource Management

The problem with resource planning is, nothing goes as planned. This is the core reason for failed projects. 

Oversight's AI-driven resource management helps you plan, track, adjust, and alert your team of changes to keep projects on-track.

Ensure Projects Success

Ditch the spreadsheets, eliminate manual tracking, and get better visibility before issues become fires.

Oversight provides numerous features from insightful project tracking, intuitive budget management, automated reports, and proactive alerts to keep your projects on-track.

Not another PM

Oversight is not another project management system, it is a data unification and reporting platform re-imagining remote workforce management.

We compile, analyze, and visualize the metrics from the platforms you already use; providing an all-in-one hub to oversee your people, projects, and company performance!

Save time. Stay ahead. Start for free!

The first month is free! Connect your tools, then easily create dashboards, schedule reports, configure monitoring, and see first-hand the transformative insights that Oversight can bring to your organization.

Built for us, and perfected for you

After 12 years of working on fast-paced software projects with a hybrid / remote team, our team at Tragic Media needed a better way to manage our projects and resources.

We built Oversight to help us manage our remote team and fast-paced software projects more effectively. We tested, validated, extended, and perfected the tool to work for agencies and startups of all shapes and sizes.

If not now, check back soon

We are a small platform, growing fast! Right now we have limited integrations, so we might not be a good fit for your team. But send us a message and let us know what integration we are missing and we can send you a message when we have your software available.