The Tragic Truth

Oversight was built by , a small high-performance software agency headquartered in San Diego. Since 2013, we have been a pioneer in remote work, but not without our share of bumps and bruises. Over the course of growing our agency, and our products, we feel we have experienced every feeling and challenge that comes with operating a remote/hybrid team.

Over the course

Over the last 12 years, scaling a software agency with a hybrid workforce has presented us with cyclic issues like a nightmare you just can’t shake:

  1. Projects running over budget and timeline

  2. Missed deadlines

  3. Low resource performance

  4. Misallocated resources

  5. Employee burnout

  6. Out-of-date metrics

The list goes on...

If at First you Don't Succeed...

This is actually the 3rd iteration of the Oversight platform, which has been a dream of our CEO for quite some time. The first one was extremely basic, and lacked a clear vision and strong product manager. The second one failed to really get off the ground. Despite having initial designs, the team on the project lacked oversight and nothing got built ..ironic much?!

So this time we took a bigger step back, put a strong team behind it, and built a solution strategically and iteratively; like we would for one of our clients.

This is Just the Beginning

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our story. We hope that our software can help save your organization time, headaches, lost profits, and prevent employee burnout so that you company can scale the most efficiently possible.

Tragic Rich


We think we have a unique perspective on workforce management, and are excited about the platform we built, along with our plans for the future!