Smart Forecasting & Notifications

Oversight’s smart forecasting feature dives into data, offers predictive analytics, and notifies you when something goes off track. 

What is smart forecasting?

Smart forecasting is a business intelligence feature that monitors and analyzes resource data, so that it can make insightful predictions. Smart forecasting and notifications are great for anticipating future trends and flagging irregularities that could jeopardize ROI, monthly budgets, and project deadlines. With smart forecasting, you gain a better pulse on the health of your projects and can tackle setbacks ahead of time. 

Feature Outline

Oversight’s smart forecasting monitors KPIs and trends to keep you informed on the health and success of your projects. 

  • Robust Monitoring 

Robust monitoring keeps you ahead of the curve with immediate alerts about operational bottlenecks. Smart forecasting makes it easy to predict, monitor, and evaluate changes in your business. 

  • Predictive Analysis 

Oversight’s smart forecasting and notifications anticipate future outcomes with predictive analysis. It combines past data with data mining methodologies, and AI and machine learning to gear up for deadlines and prepare for 

  • Notification Builder 

Notification builder keeps you informed on your project updates and makes it easy to recognize changes in real time. Set the notitifcation builder to the cadence of your choosing and forget about having to manually check reports.

Feature Benefits

  • Eradicate processing errors
    Eradicate processing errors

    Rushed reporting can lead to costly errors. Automated reports use AI and machine learning that crunches numbers and minimizes mistakes. 

  • Set it and forget it
    Set it and forget it

    Whether you need weekly, monthly, or quarterly insights, Oversight’s automated reports can be set to any cadence and sent to anyone you choose in your department. 

If not now, check back soon

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