Oversight is a powerful data unification and workforce management platform that empowers agency management to easily gather actionable insights, monitor remote team performance, and keep a pulse on project progress.

Oversight is modular, it was built to unify, extend, and fill in the gaps with the software your team is already using. Learn more about our core features:

Adaptive Resource Planning

After you outline your planned resource hours, the AI-enhanced planning module tracks progress and adapts future planning to ensure project success. Our resource planner integrates with our time tracker providing your team with more visibility into project expectations, and alerting them before they cause an overage. You can also use a leading Time Tracking solution like Toggl or Harvest and still benefit from Oversight’s forecasting, alerts, and adaptive resource planning.

Data-Rich Project Hubs

Oversight provides data-rich Project Hubs to help you keep a pulse on your project metrics. View projects by health score, budget, or hours. Easily expand any project to dig into the granular details including project health warnings, budget forecasting, resource scheduling issues, and more. 

Easy Time Tracking

Let’s be real. The current time tracking tools on the market leave a lot to be desired. Our solution? KISS. Powerful, efficient, and easy to use time tracking.

Insightful Automated Reports

Our pre-built reports make it easy for teams of all sizes to gain insights into their teams’ performance without needing a data scientist or software guru. Choose the report, configure the data and send schedule, and start receiving insights right in your inbox or chat channel.

Custom reports coming soon

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Oversight offers some amazingly flexible off-the-shelf reports, but it also provides the ability to build your own. Pull data from any of your integrated systems and visualize it in a meaningful way without needing a Tableau expert. Coming soon!

Custom Dashboards Coming Soon

Smart Forecasting & Notifications

Have you ever run a report and wished your system would have alerted you before it was too late?! Wish granted! 🎆 With Oversight’s AI-driven Data Forecasting combined with our Notification Builder, enables managers to create robust monitoring rules to ensure your resources and projects stay on-track. Notify select people, or send an update directly to a chat channel. Let Oversight keep an eye on the things that matter most to you, and the platform will alert you if there is ever a problem.