Adaptive Resource Planning

Adaptive resource planning saves you time and money by replacing manual entry and tracking with AI-optimized planning which adjusts your planning based on resource execution. With the power of advanced machine learning, Oversight’s adaptive resource planning keeps teams on track and saves project managers hours of tedious spreadsheet management. 

What is adaptive resource planning?

Adaptive resource planning is super powered agile planning, leveraging machine learning to continuously optimize resource planning to ensure projects get done on-time and under budget. Instead of implementing a plan to find out weeks later it is off-track, adaptive resource planning adjusts planning and resource expectations as progress is made or not made.. 

Feature Outline

Oversight’s adaptive resource planning uses AI-optimized tools to eliminate manual reporting and overutilized resources that set back project sprints. 

  • Planning Module

With Oversight’s planning module, you can conduct adaptive resource planning worry-free. The planning module allows you to gain a holistic view across all projects, track team productivity, and easily prioritize projects based on your team’s capacity. 

  • Input Resources on Your Terms

Easily allocate resources to projects by week, sprint, or month enabling you to easily plan as granular or big picture as each project requires.  

  • AI Optimization 

Oversight’s adaptive resource planning minimizes budget overages and maximizes project success with AI optimization. With AI optimization, planning is adjusted to maximize resource capacity and prevent project overages. 

  • Flexible Budget Tracking

The resource planning module integrates with the Project module allowing you to easily track budgets by project, sprint, or month. 

  • Budget and Resource Notifications

The Notification module connects with the Resource module allowing you to configure notifications to monitor team capacity, resource productivity, and project budgets.

Feature Benefits

  • Eradicate processing errors
    Eradicate processing errors

    Rushed reporting can lead to costly errors. Automated reports use AI and machine learning that crunches numbers and minimizes mistakes. 

  • Set it and forget it
    Set it and forget it

    Whether you need weekly, monthly, or quarterly insights, Oversight’s automated reports can be set to any cadence and sent to anyone you choose in your department. 

If not now, check back soon

We are a small platform, growing fast! Right now we have limited integrations, so we might not be a good fit for your team. But send us a message and let us know what integration we are missing and we can send you a message when we have your software available.