Time Tracking is FREE until June 2023 - if you sign up before Jan 1, 2023.


Staring at only $2 per user!

We wanted to keep our pricing as simple as possible, while still allowing agencies to maximum flexibility. We know each agency uses its own special sauce of software and process, and we want Oversight to be as adaptable as possible to empower every organization to work the way they want.

Each module only costs $2 per user yearly. Pick the modules to solve your problems and enhance your existing software suite.

$2/resource yearly | $4/resource monthly

All plans get 30-days free.


per resource


Do I need a PMS to use Oversight?

Yes. A PMS is the only other software required for the Oversight platform. The system uses the PMS to import project and user data for analysis. If you would like to use Oversight without a PMS, send us a message.

What if I want to use Oversight, but you don’t integrate with the software my agency uses.

We are growing fast, send us a message! We may already be working on an integration, or we may be able to prioritize the software your company uses.

Why are there so many modules?

Oversight is a robust platform, and we know that every agency has its own secret sauce to managing their people and projects. We wanted Oversight to add value and be as affordable as possible, so the system is built to be modular so you can pick-and-choose the features that will best help you manage your agency.