Github + Oversight = 💜

Unify data. Track progress. Stay ahead.

Oversight is a data unification platform that connects seamlessly with Github. Combine your disjointed project management metrics into one place and keep the stellar design and development features you love with Github.

Github + Oversight = 💜

What Is Oversight?

Being bombarded by data and not having the right tools to balance all of the moving pieces is a nightmare. Oversight is a new-age workforce management system built to reimagine how remote and hybrid teams track project progress proactively.

Our Mission

    • Make spreadsheets obsolete
      Make spreadsheets obsolete
    • Ensure better project success
      Ensure better project success
    • Create proactive alerts
      Create proactive alerts
    • Empower remote leadership
      Empower remote leadership
    • Provide insights, not just data
      Provide insights, not just data
    • Build kickass software
      Build kickass software
    • Easier resource management
      Easier resource management

    Why Github?

    Github is the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. With more than 56 million users worldwide, the design and development software is both a hosting service with version control and a welcoming community for developers to share ideas, collaborate, and build projects. With Github, you can design worry-free in the cloud with advanced version control and host it for free with unlimited public and private repositories.

    Why Github?
    • Build, ship, and maintain your software
    • Maintain synchronization with built-in code review
    • Access the world's largest software package registry
    • Save time with community-approved projects
    • Review, merge, and manage code
    • Work with a GUI or on the command line

    The Problem: Code Management

    Code management lacks intuitive resource management.

    Over the past 13+ years of managing a remote and hybrid agency we have tried nearly every timer and project management solution, and we decided that the problem isn't with any single solution but with the imbalance of data and lack of deep integration from each.

    Code management software requires constant supervision from a project manager, which wastes time and forces budgets and projects to run over.

    We know first-hand that:

    • Resources forget to log time

    • Project managers get busy and forget to run or verify reports

    • Priorities change

    • Fires happen

    Keeping track of all the siloed systems requires a lot of time, attention, and spreadsheets! 

    Herein lies the core problem of any existing management system: It only works if all the data is accurate and up-to-date. And unfortunately, that tedious job is placed squarely on the shoulders of project managers.

    The Solution: Combining The Two

    Together, Github and Oversight amplify your collaboration with intuitive resource management.

    Gain a holistic view of your projects’ progress with robust interactive dashboards, development metrics, and visual reports designed by advanced automated reporting, preventative forecasting, resource planning, and value stream mapping.

    Oversight empowers remote and hybrid team leaders by unifying data from the platforms they already use. Oversight’s new-age workforce management software offers a central place to align all of your project management metrics and delivers proactive data insights daily, weekly, or to whichever cadence you set. 

    By merging Github with Oversight’s remote work software, you get all the benefits of a single workforce management system and retain your favorite features with Github.


    • Automation and CI/CD
    • Quick, collaborative coding
    • Advanced enterprise options
    • Robust security protocols
    • Comprehensive team administration
    • Github + Oversight

    • Resource management with real-time utilization
    • Robust insights into workforce analysis
    • Productivity measurements on people, projects, and operational efficiency
    • Proactive forecasting throughout the project management execution phase

    Keep Github, Gain Insights

    Leverage Github’s leading design and development platform and combine it with Oversight to maximize the success of your agency projects and keep a better pulse on your resources.

    We care about data privacy

    Unify data. Track progress. Stay ahead. AND stay compliant.

    We built Oversight with data privacy and compliace at top of mind. See how we minimize data storage and permissions to keep your data secure.

    We care about data privacy