Easy Time Tracking

Oversight makes employee time tracking seamless and easy. No matter the size of your team, Oversight’s time tracking makes it simple to log and export time, track progress, and identify unlogged hours before invoicing. 

What is time tracking?

Time tracking is recording the hours employees spend working on a particular task, project, or application. Time tracking is a critical component of any service-based organization. When time tools are clunky or difficult to use, they push away employees from using them, which creates a laundry list of issues for a business. An efficient time tracking tool should be versatile and simple so that anyone can use it. 

Feature Outline

Oversight’s time tracking tool notifies employees of untracked time, processes productivity reports, and automats invoicing and payments so that you don’t have to. 

  • Reports & analysis

Check on team or project time quickly using the Team Time interface. Use the Reports module to set up recurring team time reports for management or clients.

  • Invoicing & payments

Easily export time and resource costs to easily create invoices in your favorite invoicing software. Integrations to transfer the time logs directly to your invoicing software to make invoicing even easier will be coming soon!

  • Time tracking

Our time tracking feature is built from the pain of using every other time tracking software on the market. Our focus was to make our timer easy, fast, intuitive, and non-obtrusive. Team members can easily track time in-app, as a pop-out widget or a browser extension.

  • Alerts & notifications

Use the Notifications module to configure custom time alerts. Get notified when the project or sprint hours reach a threshold, when team members don't log hours after a defined period, or if team members are logging too much or too little time.

Feature Benefits

  • Eradicate processing errors
    Eradicate processing errors

    Rushed reporting can lead to costly errors. Automated reports use AI and machine learning that crunches numbers and minimizes mistakes. 

  • Set it and forget it
    Set it and forget it

    Whether you need weekly, monthly, or quarterly insights, Oversight’s automated reports can be set to any cadence and sent to anyone you choose in your department. 

If not now, check back soon

We are a small platform, growing fast! Right now we have limited integrations, so we might not be a good fit for your team. But send us a message and let us know what integration we are missing and we can send you a message when we have your software available.