Data-Rich Project Hubs

Oversight provides data-rich project hubs that let you dive into the inner workings of your project sprint. Keep a pulse on project metrics from connected systems and dig into the granular details all from one main dashboard. Super charge your management further with Oversight’s AI-driven features including project health scores, budget forecasting, resource scheduling adjustments, and more.

What are data-rich project hubs?

Oversight’s data-rich project hubs unifies, analyses, and visualizes the data from your connected agency systems such as project management, time tracking, repository management, design, and more. These hubs allow you to quickly identify potential issues before they happen. Easily expand the details of any project and dive into trends, forecasts, and resource utilization for each. 

Feature Outline

Oversight’s data-rich project hubs consolidate data from multiple projects and allow you to dive into the granular details with advanced AI features.

  • Project Health

Gain clarity on the status of current projects and their current performance all from a single metric. Project health  incorporates trending budgets, ticket progress, resource allocation, and more. Data-rich project hubs offer insights into the details of a single project or all projects at once. 

  • Sprint Management

Easily plan and track your sprints from your project dashboard. Set budgets, track hours, and allocate resources all in one place.

  • Budget Forecasting 

Stop making future decisions based on old data. With AI-driven forecasting features, your agency can spend less time compiling data into spreadsheets and more time executing.

  • Monitor Productivity

Track resource projects-based productivity, and catch issues before they become problems. Data-rich project hubs show who’s working on which projects so that you can identify trends linked to burnout or project setbacks. 

  • Track Progress

Get your PMS project tickets all visible in a filterable view that highlights potential issues like late, stagnant, bouncing assignee, and more.

  • Project Reports

Conveniently view all of your project reports in one place. Edit report details, schedule report sends, and share with other managers.

Feature Benefits

  • Optimize Agile Management
    Optimize Agile Management

    Whether you are tracking by week, sprint, or month, Oversight adapts to keep your planning structured the way you sell and plan.

  • Identify Trends
    Identify Trends

    AI-backed scoring and forecasting helps to highlight trends so you can keep your projects successful

  • Visualize Data
    Visualize Data

    Keep a tab on projects at a glance. Visualized projects data helps you quickly understand how your projects are doing. 

  • Unify Metrics
    Unify Metrics

    Stop bouncing between systems, and save time compiling data into spreadsheets with unified projects data.  

If not now, check back soon

We are a small platform, growing fast! Right now we have limited integrations, so we might not be a good fit for your team. But send us a message and let us know what integration we are missing and we can send you a message when we have your software available.