Automated Reports

Running reports on your own is time-consuming and tedious. Automated reports allow you to easily compile your resource metrics from all departments and set the cadence you want to receive them so you don’t forget.  

What are automated reports?

Automated reports use smart reporting tools to automatically compile and process business insights for you. Instead of crunching data at the last minute, automated reports use AI and machine learning to condense metrics in real-time. Not only do automated reports eradicate employee errors and repetitive administrative tasks, but they boost productivity and cost savings. 

Feature Outline

Oversight’s automated reports use AI and machine learning to crunch numbers, eradicate manmade errors, and give you your time back. 

  • Financial Reports

Automated reports can be for a specific project or your company’s overall budget. Improve your cost savings and decrease monthly expenditures by reporting in real-time. 

  • Productivity Reports

Identify project bottlenecks and understand where teams and individuals are spending their time with automated reports that focus on the week, the month, or the quarter. 

  • Sprint Performance Reports 

Automated reports sent bi-weekly can help teams stay on track for deadlines and gain perspective on multiple project sprints at a time. 

Feature Benefits

  • Eradicate processing errors
    Eradicate processing errors

    Rushed reporting can lead to costly errors. Automated reports use AI and machine learning that crunches numbers and minimizes mistakes. 

  • Set it and forget it
    Set it and forget it

    Whether you need weekly, monthly, or quarterly insights, Oversight’s automated reports can be set to any cadence and sent to anyone you choose in your department. 

If not now, check back soon

We are a small platform, growing fast! Right now we have limited integrations, so we might not be a good fit for your team. But send us a message and let us know what integration we are missing and we can send you a message when we have your software available.